Trackway - ex-army aluminium temporary roadway panels and mats.

Trackway aluminium temporary roadway panels and mats will cover soft ground to allow access by heavy vehicles. We have ex-army Trackway Class 30 tonne and Class 70 tonne, 15ft. (4.57mt) wide, 11ft. (3.35mt) wide in stock and Immediately available.

Trackway is available in rolls up to 50ft. (15m) long and also in mats 8ft. (2.5m) long.

Class 70 military uses: temporary roadway for heavy vehicles, e.g. emergency runway repair mat, harrier and helicopter pads.

Class 30 military uses: temporary roadway for lighter vehicles, e.g. flooring for temporary camp headquarters and beach cover.

Trackway has many commercial uses including:

  • temporary roadways
  • crane pads for heavy installation work, where ground disruption has to be kept to a minimum
  • festival fencing
  • wind turbine installations

Aluminium Trackway in rolls class 70

15 feet wide x 50 feet long.

Supplied to the MOD by Faun Trackway ( see their website ) HGMS Heavy Ground Mobility System Class 70


£5000.00 per roll + vat

Mammouth Mat Robusta, Temporary Roadway, in Rolls

Each roll is of woven polypropylene fabric,interlaced with galvanised steel wire & bar each roll weighs 2000 kg.

Made by Robusta of Netherlands – see their website.

4 metre wide 30 metre long, Ex Army Used

£2,500.00 + vat per roll