Used Stillages for sale

Stillages provide a storage solution for many businesses, coming in various sizes and weight capacity. Our used Stillages are available as Post, Cage and Box which makes them ideal for the storage of bulky and oddly shaped goods either for warehouse storage or transportation.

Stillages are typically constructed from steel, making them ideal for heavy goods, more robust and longer lasting.

Stillages offer flexibility when used with appropriate handling systems, and allow for easy positioning in the workplace freeing up floor space.

Not all used stillages / pallets make the website,
Email or ring Steve 07881 814381

Heavy Duty Ex Army Cage Pallet

48″ x 40″ base 40″ overall height (1.2mt x 1mt x 1mt ) Very strong 4 detachable sides of 2″ mesh, SWL 1812 kg stacked 5 pallets high.

93 kg each

Please email or ring Steve for current price / availability 07881 814381

Engine Bin

40″ x 32″ base, 32″ high (100x80x80cm)

3 across 3 high in a trailer

100kg tare

55.00 + vat

87 in stock

Euro cage pallet

Cage pallet 120cm x 80cm base, 97cm high, half drop front, 50mm mesh.

1500 kg SWL stacked 4 high, 0.75 mts cubic capacity.

85 kg tare

12 in stock

85.00 + vat

Heavy Duty Large Post Pallet

Very Strong Post Pallet, 68″ x 50″ base, 48″ overall Height, big feet for easy stacking

78 in stock

£120.00 + vat

Ex MFI Post pallet

Ex MFI post pallets, 5ft x 5ft (1.5×1.5mt ) base, 52.5″ ( 1.33mt ) overall height, detachable posts, slated timber floor over a steel cross structured base.

100 in stock

£85.00 each + vat

Heavy Duty Post Pallets

Heavy Duty post pallets, sheet steel under braced 40″ x 48″ deck, 40″ overall height, Fixed tubular posts, Large feet for easy stacking, 65kg tare

£65.00 each + vat

2 ton Steel Flat Pallets

Steel flat pallet 40″ x 48″ x 6″ tall,  4 way entry

£10.00 + vat

Blue post pallets

1mt x 65cm base, 79 cm high, welded tie bars on 3 sides, 1 open long side.

10 off job lot

£400.00 + vat