Stillages provide a storage solution for many businesses, coming in various sizes and weight capacity. Stillages are available as Post, Cage and Box which makes them ideal for the storage of bulky and oddly shaped goods either for warehouse storage or transportation.

Stillages are typically constructed from steel, making them ideal for heavy goods, more robust and longer lasting.

Stillages offer flexibility when used with appropriate handling systems, and allow for easy positioning in the workplace freeing up floor space.

Not all Stillages/Pallets make the website,





         Email the page or ring steve 07881 814381

Heavy Duty Ex Army Cage Pallet  

 48" x 40" base 40" overall height (1.2mt x 1mt x 1mt ) Very strong 4 detachable sides of 2" mesh,SWL 1812 kg stacked 5 pallets high.

93 kg each




         email the page or ring steve for current price/availability

                            07881 814381

Box pallet red


34" x 22" Base, 20" overall height, very clean


 170  instock


 £50.00 each + VAT



10 off Ex Army Mesh Retention Units

 Fits on to a 48" x 40" flat pallet 24" high, half drop front.

Only 1 flat pallet included per 10


 50 +  instock


 £125 per 10 + VAT



Box pallet red/Access side


28.5" x 28.5" Base, 31" overall height, very clean

one low side for easy access when stacked


 3  instock


 £65.00 each + VAT



Large Blue Box pallets

47" x 47" Base 49" Overall Height       (1200 x 1200 x 1250)

Heavy Duty Stackable Box Pallet, Fully opening Barn Door Front

Ideal for Bulky Storage/Transport will go 2 High an 2 across 44 per tautlinner

160 kgs each.

£80.00 + VAT                      72 instock     Ex Indesit

Bridge Supply Co
Progress Works
Parkwood Street
West Yorkshire
BD21 4NX

To contact Bridge Supply Co about our Trackway temporary roadway panels or our stillages please telephone or email us.

Tel: 01535 605511
Fax: 01535 605496

Trackway aluminium rolls at Bridge Supply Co

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