Hesco Bastion Gabions Geotextile Lined

3.6mt long,1.2mt high,330mm front to back, 46 in stock, £100 each.

all prices + Vat

Ex Army Heavy Duty Loading Ramps (Aluminium)

Rated at 15 tonne each ramp

Ex army bridging ramps,never used, 3.1mt long, 500mm wide, 240mm deep.

115 kg each ramp.

£1500.00 + vat per pair

Flex Mac Gabions

Lay flat gabions, 10mt long, 1.4mt high, 1mt wide, 9 individual compartments in the length, geotextile lined, woven galv 3mm wire.

42 in stock

£250.00 each + vat

Steel Palisade Fencing 48"

Each 2.75mt (9ft) Bay of 48″ (1.2mt) Tall green powder coated over zinc plated steel consists of.

1 x Post 100 x 50mm RSJ 1.2mt tall with 200mm square base plate

2 x 50 x 50 x 5mm 2.68mt pre punched angles + 4 galv shear nuts/bolts

17 x W section pales +34 galv shear nuts/bolts, + 2 Fish plates

£60 + VAT per 2.75 mt bay