We have a good selection of ex-army temporary bailey bridges in stock.

Mabey Compact 200 Bridge 6 Bay

18.2mt (60 foot) span, SSHRH++ construction, 4.2mt ( 13ft 9″) roadway, 60 tonne vehicle loading, 16 tonne axle. This bridge is only 18 months old is fully galvanised has a nonslip roadway and comes complete with side protection rails.

£40,000.00 + vat

Mabey Compact 200 Bridge

Transom (NLC18039)- EW – MLC110W, Ex army galvanised never used.

450 kg each.

£375 each + VAT

Mabey Compact 200 Bridge Ground Beams

Unused Ground Beams, Large Galvanised Box Section Beams, 30cm x 20cm Box 8mm wall 6.4mts long, 405kg each.

96 in stock

£300each + VAT

Ex Army Heavy Girder Bridge (HGB) Big Bailey 5 Bay

56 foot (17.2mt) clear span, 62 tonne loading, single single reinforced truss, 20 foot (6mt) clear between the panels, 2 transom per bay, Ally Deck.


instock all parts supplied

£28,000.00 + vat

Ex Army Heavy Girder Bridge (HGB) Big Bailey 6 bay

70foot (21.3mt) clear span,65 tonne loading,Double single trusses, 20foot (6mt) clear between inner panels, 2 transom per bay,Steel Deck,

All parts supplied.

In stock

£35,000.00 + VAT

Ex Army Medium Girder Bridge (MGB)

MGB Aluminium sectional bridge ideal for temporary/difficult installation,the heaviest piece weighs 260 kg,does not need permanent foundations,the carrying capacity varies with the span,6 foot increments photo is 3 bay + ramps.

6 Bay 40 tonne capacity 36ft span

7 Bay 35 tonne capacity 42ft span

8 Bay 30 tonne capacity 48ft span

9 Bay 24 tonne capacity 54ft span

10 Bay 20 tonne capacity 60ft span £19.5 K with ramps £15 K without

All parts supplied.

In stock

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all prices + Vat

Fascine ex army

Fascine pipe bundles,used for trench/dyke crossings for tracked vehicles,
6 pipes per bundle each pipe is 4.6mt long 22cm dia with 10mm wall

£75.00 each