We have a good selection of ex-army temporary bailey bridges in stock.

13.6mt Tank Bridge

Ex army tank bridge, each trackway is 13.6mt overall length, 1.5mt wide, 71cm high in the centre.

We do not supply kerbs or handrails.

£20,000.00 + vat

20mt sectional Tank Bridge

Sectional tank bridge ex army in background of photo, each trackway is made up of 3 sections 2 x 8mt ramp units and 1 x 4mt centre section, each trackway is 20mt long, 1.5mt wide, 1mt high in the center.

We do not supply kerbs or handrails.

£30,000.00 + vat

Tank Bridge Section 8mt 2 off

A pair of centre sections of a ex army tank bridge, would make a useful short bridge if dug into a banking, 8mt long, 1.5mt wide, 1mt high.

We do not supply kerbs or handrails.

£10,000.00 + vat

Mabey Compact 200 Bridge

Transom (NLC18039)- EW – MLC110W, Ex army galvanised never used. Each beam is 6mts long and 465mm x 155mm.

450 kg each.

153 in stock

£360 each + VAT

Mabey Compact 200 Bridge Ground Beams

Unused Ground Beams, Large Galvanised Box Section Beams, 30cm x 20cm Box 8mm wall 6.4mts long, 405kg each.

37 in stock

£300each + VAT